I love to read. It might even be more accurate to say I’m addicted to reading. I can’t help it. I see words, I read. I will read just about any article to the end.¬†And a bad habit I’ve developed is that I will read to avoid thinking or working. I’ll happily devour news or polemics or tech gossip in order to avoid mental labor. This is a habit I am working on unlearning.

First step: being faster about closing browser windows. I’m trying to bias myself toward NOT reading things. I try to remember to think, “Do I need to know this, right now?” and unless the answer is unequivocally yes, I click close. I’ve not regretted it a single time.

Not reading ties into my larger goal of maintaining focus, short term and long term. I am letting go the need to know and do everything and it’s actually quite a relief. I am slowly making peace with and embracing the fact that I am finite, that the set of things I might like to know about is boundless but making the most of my finite self requires that I focus my time and attention.