is one where the author says, “Ooops, haven’t updated in a while!”

I haven’t figured out how to make the blog a regular habit yet, so it’s going to be spotty for a while yet. (That’s okay, since no one’s reading it yet.) I  need to build a habit of doing a little bit of work on the blog each day, but I haven’t got that figured out yet. I’ve been pretty good about making exercise a thrice-weekly habit, even going when I don’t particularly want to, and I feel great as a result. If you look carefully and take precise measurements, you might even notice the difference. Anyway, that’s one good habit I’ve built, time to move on to other ones.

The process of work itself is getting better; I am working more consciously and trying to choose the most efficient approach: brute force when it’s needed and cheats when they work. Previz is still a challenge for me b/c there are so many unanswered questions in each sequence and I have an instinctive fear of spending time on approaches that might not work. (I really like finishing projects, because the path forward is usually so clear.) I’m working on letting go of the fear of failure and the fear of wasted time. As long as I’m working on solving the problems of the sequence, it’s not wasted time.

Last item: I joined ACM/SIGGRAPH so I could have access to the phenomenal collection of research papers they publish. I intend to:

  • read all the papers about NPR and associated technologies so I have a broad understanding of the state of the art
  • write capsule summaries on the blog of relevant/useful papers for my own reference (and build Google hits)
  • in the future, build tools based on the best underutilized ideas

Look for SIGGY paper summaries, coming soon.