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The Sun’s Path

This is so wonderful, both as a scientific document and as an aesthetic image, I just had to share it.

Sun's path June To December

Photo by "Mr. Mallon", posted Dec. 9 2009

Science teacher “Mr. Mallon” set a pinhole camera in his backyard and left it for six months to make a record of the sun’s transit across the sky. You can see each day as a separate line, punctuated by the sun going behind the clouds. As he says, “You can see we didn’t have a great summer by the broken lines at the top. More sun shone in the month of October.”

Isn’t this a delightful image?  I’m fascinated by it. It expresses real world information in such a beguiling way–the graceful arc of the lines, the not-quite random way they’re broken up, the echo of ‘high-tech’ in the colors and shapes–everything about it is just great.

Link to post on Mr. Mallon’s Video and Audio Media

Stellar Nursery

Embryonic Stars Grow Deep within the Rosette Nebula, seen in this new image from the Hershel Space Observatory. Link to story, larger image.

These nebular dust clouds are among the most beautiful objects in the heavens, and I’ve long wondered how one might simulate their intricate glory. Probably with a giant dynamics sim, self-shadowing volumetric particles, and lots and lots of patience. That’s a fun future project.

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