This is so wonderful, both as a scientific document and as an aesthetic image, I just had to share it.

Sun's path June To December

Photo by "Mr. Mallon", posted Dec. 9 2009

Science teacher “Mr. Mallon” set a pinhole camera in his backyard and left it for six months to make a record of the sun’s transit across the sky. You can see each day as a separate line, punctuated by the sun going behind the clouds. As he says, “You can see we didn’t have a great summer by the broken lines at the top. More sun shone in the month of October.”

Isn’t this a delightful image?  I’m fascinated by it. It expresses real world information in such a beguiling way–the graceful arc of the lines, the not-quite random way they’re broken up, the echo of ‘high-tech’ in the colors and shapes–everything about it is just great.

Link to post on Mr. Mallon’s Video and Audio Media