Two days after installing RescueTime, I’ve already noticed a difference. Today, aware that I would have to answer to an objective record of where my attention went,  I worked really hard at maintaining focus. My brain is exhausted!

Two things I did: while waiting for viewport renders or other quick processes, I kept my eyes on the render and my mind on the problem. Normally I might pop over to Firefox to read something for twenty or thirty seconds. What a way to lose flow. Second, long renders that hold up progress on a shot are usually a perfect excuse to hit the web or go for a wander. The lighting TD’s pal. Today when that happened I switched to a second project, one that was easy to pick up and set down where I could make concrete progress in small steps. I feel like I used my time pretty well. I can definitely feel the difference; I’m considerably more tired and my brain feels worn out.

I have a long way to go, though: I hit my slack limit (goal for time waste) at 2pm. First goal: don’t hit the slack limit before 5. Then I’ll work on shortening the slack limit.

Some readers might think I must be some kind of oaf, crowing about how I didn’t dick around all day, but what can I say? I’ve acquired some unproductive habits over the years (to be honest, I was born lazy), and now I’m going to shake them. After, of course, a relaxing weekend…